Jon Hart

In my over twenty years of life as an athlete, I have never seen anything even close to 360 Football Academy. What an amazing experience. No one outside of the Academy can comprehend how profoundly this week has touched everyone on every level. From the students to the coaches, to the staff, there is no one that is involved with 360 Football Academy that has not had their life changed in a significant way. I cannot imagine how much more well thought out and organized my life would have been had I been given the tools these boys were given by 360. I only hope that one day every athlete in America can experience the combination of hard work, education, love, dedication, and sport provided by the 360 coaching staff and curriculum. Thank you 360 Football Academy and thank you Hannibal Navies for allowing me to be a part of such a major life changing event, creating more well rounded young men, trained for success, in all aspects of life.

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