360 Parent

Our son participated in the 360 Football Academy at Georgia Tech in June 2010. During the academy, he was able to gain a tremendous amount of experience with the other athletes, coaches, and teaching seminars. It was really great for him to be placed in a setting with other athletes who share the same goals of achieving results that will help them rise to the next level of competition. The 360 program teaches the athletes that their success is dependent upon all aspects of preparation and not just on their athletic ability. The parent seminar provided a tremendous amount of information with regard to helping our sons achieve their goals. We feel that this has been an invaluable experience for our son and for us to focus on the areas necessary to give our son the best chance to excel and to move on to the next level. Thank you 360, we learned so much and are confident that this knowledge will make a significant difference in the opportunities that will be available to our son.

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